About Us

You won’t read our story in a Nicholas Sparks novel. You won’t look at us and think, “They’ve got it all together” and you will probably never see Andrew open my car door. We have a simple kind of love. An understanding. We have grown together, and so has our respect for one another. We once heard a toast (we hear them quite often), where the bridesmaid wished the couple that when they look back on their wedding day they would say it was the day they loved one another the least. This is how we feel about our marriage thus far and we consider ourselves blessed to feel that way.

Neither of us ever thought we would be photographers, much less cinematographers. I guess with Andrew’s long line of art talent running through the family genes and my love of romance and photographs, we could have put two and two together. We also never thought we would work together. We are, in many ways, complete opposites: He loves math. I love counseling. He loves PC. I love mac. He loves Excel. I love…that he loves Excel. He likes to learn. I like to just go do. He loves to penny pinch. I love to spare no expense. He’s a planner. I’m an improver (there is no way that’s a word). He shoots wide. I prefer closeups. We disagree. We argue. We love. We compromise. At least we finally agree on red wine.

A little about Amy: I love my family. I love film photography. Fuji 400H makes my heart happy. I am a perfectionist. I haven’t had a favorite color in years, but my daughter insists I pick one so I picked blush. Chocolate Cake is easily my biggest weakness. Sarah’s Cake Shop can back that up. I look forward to spring so I can care for my peonies and roses. I know God is real. Water is my favorite drink, especially when it has cucumber in it. My bliss is found on a boat with the wind in my hair. My daughter is my mini me and I love it. Bagdley Mischka could do no wrong in my eyes. Part of my heart lives in the south. I believe spanish moss should hang from every tree.

A Little about Andrew: Our little girl has me wrapped around her finger. I believe pizza covers all the necessary food groups. I’m a bit of an introvert. Green is my favorite color; always has been, always will be. I like ESPN. My wife does not. Our daughter is one of my best buddies. I like to golf, but never have time to play. I choose family above all else. I once had a mustache. Now I have a beard. I like work that has a purpose. Summer is the best season. I can’t survive off less than 8 hours of sleep. I like my ice cream with aggregate. People say my laugh is contagious. I insist on working smart and hard.

amanda forbes www.amandaforbes.comAbove image by: Amanda Forbes Photography